What Craft Brewers Need to Know About Beer Labels

POSTED 05/30/2016
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

In the United States, craft beer now generates more than $14 billion a year in retail sales. While the 15.6 million barrels of craft beer a year is still small compared to the 196 million total barrels of beer produced in the United States, craft beer has developed into a thriving market that only continues to grow. What this means for craft brewers is even though there is a lot of competition within this industry, that competition also means there’s a lot of opportunities available.

If you surveyed a group of craft beer drinkers, you would find that quality is something that’s very important to most of them. Many craft drinkers are also looking for new and unique flavors. For craft brewers who can offer both of those elements, the main task that needs to be accomplished is communicating that fact to consumers looking for quality and unique craft beers.

One of the best ways for a brewer of any size to do this is with beer labels. Not only do labels provide a way for a craft brewer to get consumers’ attention, but they also provide a space where a brewer can tell their story and explain what makes their beer worth trying. The best labels are those that get people to pick up a bottle and then give them a compelling reason to try the beer.

Your Guide to Great Beer Labels

Given what beer labels can help accomplish, it’s easy to understand why it’s worth putting effort into creating great ones. But what exactly makes beer labels great? That’s where Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ experience can help tremendously. Great labels start with choosing the right type of beer bottles. Pressure sensitive labels are almost always our top recommendations for beer bottles.

With pressure sensitive labels, you have the ability to choose whether you want them to be applied by machine or hand. Not needing any activation or heat for application provides a lot of flexibility that can be very useful to a craft maker with a variety of brews. Pressure sensitive labels are also quite durable. So even if bottles are transported in an ice chest, they will continue to look great.

The other reason pressure sensitive labels are our go-to recommendation for craft beer bottles is they offer a lot in terms of design. Between their high-quality graphics and available add-ons like custom die-cuts, you can give your beer labels a look that will definitely grab consumers’ attention.

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The right beer labels may be exactly what your craft brewed products need to make it to the next level. If you want to work with a label company that will act as a true partner, you can count on Epsen Hillmer Graphics. As a local Omaha business that has worked with brewers across the US, we’re ready to help you through every step in the label design and printing process.

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