Craft Beer – Standing Out in a Red Hot Market

POSTED 05/27/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

In a recent interview, the new CEO of Coors said that he has his eye squarely on the craft beer market. While this space continues to grow, that also means an increase in competition. Because craft beer companies need a way to show that they do deserve consumers’ attention, it’s very important for them to have a way to demonstrate what makes them unique. One of the best ways for craft beer makers to convey this information is through the labels they put on their bottles.

A Strong Brand is Vital for Craft Beer Makers

When it comes to craft beer in Omaha or any other city, there’s no question that the appeal is all about the taste. However, what some craft beer makers forget is that consumers have to go through a decision-making process before they can actually taste what’s inside a bottle of beer. Although there was a time when being craft brewed was enough for a beer to get attention, the growth of this market means consumers are no longer lacking for choices.

As a result of the market’s growth, craft brewers need to take the necessary steps to ensure consumers pick up their bottles of beer to try instead of one from another company. The need to get bottles in the hands of drinkers who are going to love the beer once they get a taste of it is the reason it’s so important to invest in the right labels.

Choosing the Best Labels for Craft Beer Bottles

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we’ve seen time and time again the positive impact that the right labels can have on the sales of craft beers. Not only can a great label cause someone to pick that beer over another, but it helps with other activities like marketing. Since online word of mouth activities like people snapping a picture of a beer and posting it to Facebook or Instagram can drive significant sales, you want to give people every reason to take that kind of action.

Since the quality of a beer bottle’s label comes down to its visual appeal and durability, pressure sensitive labels are the option we recommend most often for craft beer. Because there are quite a few different add-on options that can go along with pressure sensitive labels, you’ll have no trouble getting the exact look you want for your labels.

Not only do PSLs look great, but they also offer respectable durability. And to top things off, these labels can be applied manually. Since craft beer runs are often smaller by design, pressure sensitive labels can fit perfectly into this workflow.

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If you want to get the best possible labels on your craft beer bottles, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help with that goal. Thanks to our experience and resources, you will reap real benefits from the labels you choose. For additional questions about pressure sensitive labels or to begin the process of coming up with the perfect craft beer labels, call us today.