Craft Beer and Soda Labels for Many Bottle Types

POSTED 10/30/2014
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

When you’re getting ready to print craft beer and soda labels, you may think that the printing process starts with the material you want your labels to be printed on, but it actually starts with the shape of the bottles your beverage will be packaged in. From stubby bottles to bombers and everything beyond, thinking about the bottle your custom labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics are applied to, will ensure that your products and their labels look their best on store shelves.

Bottle Shape Determines Label Shape

When you look in the craft beer and soda cases at the supermarket, you’ll see that not every beverage comes in the same kind of bottle. There are actually many different types of bottles, all with distinctive shapes, styles, and personalities. The thing is, not all craft beer and soda varieties pair well with just any bottle shape, and not every label shape pairs well with just any bottle. In order to end up with craft beer and soda labels that fit both the bottle and the product inside, you need to be aware of the different bottle shapes and how they can affect the design of your labels.

A Rundown of Bottle Shapes

In the craft beer and soda world there are many different bottle varieties, many of which fill niche purposes and aren’t seen very often. For the purposes of this article, our custom label printing experts will stick to the bottle shapes you most commonly see in six-packs, as well as a ubiquitous larger bottle.

  • The “Stubby”: This bottle, like its namesake suggests, is short, with almost no neck. It looks like an old-timey medicine bottle, so it’s good for any craft beer and soda labels that want to go for that vintage feel.
  • The “Heritage”: A slightly taller bottle than the Stubby, so your labels can be slightly larger, too. This bottle shape is good for brands that want to be a little different from the tried-and-true Longneck bottle while still maintaining a comfortable and classic look.
  • The “Longneck”: This is the bottle type you see everywhere, with a narrower body and longer neck. The long neck of this bottle type is great for adding a secondary label that adds more flair and interest to your product.
  • The “Bomber”: Many craft beers nowadays come in a “Bomber,” and this larger 22-oz. bottle can come with many different body and neck shapes. It’s best to check the exact dimensions of the bomber bottles you’ll be using before designing your craft beer and soda labels for them.

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No matter what bottle style you decide to use, our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha can help you create the perfect craft beer and soda labels for them. It’s best to talk to our custom label printing specialists even before you begin designing your labels, so give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 and we’ll walk you through the process of creating the perfect craft beer and soda labels!