Craft Beer Labels – Choosing the Right Option for 2017 and Beyond

POSTED 01/19/2017
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

There are now over five thousand craft breweries across the United States. In just the last year alone, the number of active craft breweries increased by nearly twenty percent. This is just another data point that shows what a boom this market has experienced in recent years. A big part of why this market has been able to post such impressive numbers year after year is growing consumer awareness. As more people continue to learn about craft beer and actually try different options, the majority want to keep drinking it instead of going back to their old selections.

Because craft beer consumers are drawn to trying new things, there’s always a spot in the market for a great new beer with amazing flavor. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for a new beer to get in the hands of consumers. With over five thousand breweries focused on producing quality beers, there’s no shortage of interesting craft beer options for people to try. Overcoming that challenge is why it’s so important for craft brewers to have a way to stand out.

The Power of Amazing Craft Beer Labels

One of the best ways to make a beer stand out is to create amazing labels for it. Craft beer labels are the first thing people see when they’re walking down an aisle and deciding what they want to try. The right label will grab someone’s attention and then give them a reason to purchase that specific beer instead of any of the other options that are in front of them.

So, what exactly makes craft beer labels amazing? It starts with having a label design that makes it clear why that beer is special. Without this, the likelihood of someone choosing that beer or even noticing it in the first place is very slim. Another absolute must for amazing craft beer labels so they can survive in all-weather conditions. Labels that come off the press looking great but then start falling apart as soon as they’re exposed to any challenging conditions aren’t going to help a craft beer flourish.

If you want labels that you can count on to live up to those requirements, pressure sensitive labels are the answer. This type of label looks wonderful when applied to the smooth surface of a bottle. That application can be done by hand or machine with these labels. And because they can be printed on paper, wet-strength paper or film, you can get the perfect durability for the specific needs of your craft bottles.

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