Craft Beer Labels in 2016 and Beyond

POSTED 09/30/2016
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

In a relatively short amount of time, craft beer has gone from something that most people thought of as a hobby to an industry that generates billions of dollars a year. Because more consumers than ever before are choosing to drink craft beer, the biggest brewers in the world are actively pursuing this market by developing or acquiring their own craft brands.

For smaller craft brewers, this reality generally brings up mixed emotions. On one hand, it can be frustrating to realize that you’re competing with companies that have nearly unlimited marketing budgets. On the other hand, the reason this competition exists is there’s so much opportunity in the craft market. That means it’s still completely possible for smaller brewers to thrive.

The Competitive Advantage of Smaller Craft Brewers

The main challenge for smaller brewers is standing out in a market that’s becoming increasingly crowded by brands with significant budgets. The good news for smaller brewing operations is they have an advantage that larger brands have to spend a ton of money to replicate. That advantage is their authentic story.

In addition to consumers being drawn to craft beer for the quality and varied flavors, stories have been a significant driver of this market. People are attracted to the concept of an individual or small team putting all their sweat equity into brewing amazing batches of beer.

While big brands have to acquire smaller players or dump tons of resources into marketing to construct this type of narrative, all smaller brewers need to do is tell their story. In terms of how to best do that, one of the most effective strategies is through design.

Perfecting Craft Beer Labels

The craft beer labels you put on your bottles provide the perfect opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Even though it may not seem like much space, when you work with an experienced design team like Epsen Hillmer Graphics, you won’t have any trouble putting the most important information directly in front of consumers.

By creating a craft beer label design that gets people’s attention and then gives them a reason to connect with what your brand is all about, you’ll be able to ensure that your bottles stand out in any setting.

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