Craft Beer and Soda Labels for Different Bottle Shapes

POSTED 04/08/2016
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

There are several elements that go into creating the absolute best craft beer and soda labels. One of those elements is taking a bottle’s shape into consideration. Although it’s probably not something that lay people spend much time thinking about, anyone in the craft beer or soda industry is probably well aware of the different bottle shapes that exist.

The 4 Shapes: Longneck, Bomber, Stubby and Heritage

Of the four main types of bottle shapes, the longneck is generally the one people know best. The defining features of this bottle are a narrow body and long neck. An interesting possibility for this type of bottle is to add a secondary label to the neck. Although the label around the neck is going to be smaller, one that’s well-designed can grab people’s attention and ensure your craft product stands out.

The next bottle shape is the bomber. This is a great bottle shape for any craft maker that wants to give consumers more to drink in a single serving. While 22 ounces is the standard size for a bomber, it’s worth noting that actual bottle dimensions may vary, which is why you’ll want to measure your bottles before beginning any label designs.

The stubby is the third bottle shape. Since this shape is reminiscent of antique medicine bottles, it can be an excellent option for many craft brands. Last but not least is the heritage. Being a little taller than the stubby means the heritage bottle and the right labels can give a craft beverage a similar feel to longneck bottles but with a unique twist.

Additional Considerations for Craft Beer and Soda Labels

Budget is always a consideration for any label project. The good news is we have a variety of innovative ways to help you create the best labels for just about any budget or run size. We can also help you explore options like custom label shapes that can really make your craft products stand out in any setting.

Based on the different bottle shapes and the above factors, the two best options for craft beer and soda labels are pressure sensitive and cut & stack. Both types of labels have their own set of strengths, which is why we recommend you speak with a member of the Epsen Hillmer Graphics about your specific bottle label needs.

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Craft beer and soda labels are an area of expertise for Epsen Hillmer Graphics. So regardless of whether you need labels for longneck, bomber, stubby or heritage bottles, we can ensure you get the perfect option for the shape of your bottles and the overall feel of your craft brand. As a family-owned business in Omaha, you can count on our team to take the time to understand your brand and then use our knowledge to help decide the best label options.

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