Considering Glue Types for Your Cut & Stack Labels

POSTED 08/01/2014
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When you’re creating cut & stack labels for your products, the last thing you think about (if you think about it at all) is probably the type of glue you’ll use in the application process. While this may be a small part of the process of designing labels, it’s actually very important. That’s because your cut & stack labels are only as strong as the glue you use to apply them to their containers. If you don’t consider which type of glue to use for your particular situation, you could end up with cut & stack labels that come off their containers before they reach your customers!

To keep this from happening, our custom label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will explain some of the variables you’ll need to consider when choosing which type of glue is best suited to your cut & stack labels project.

Water-based and UV Curable Inks

In the custom label printing industry, there are many types of inks we can use to make your labels look their best, but two of the main ones we’ll focus on here are UV curable and water-based.

Water-based and UV curable inks both have advantages and disadvantages. Water-based inks are less expensive to use than UV curable ones, but they’re also not nearly as durable.

UV curable inks, on the other hand, are generally hardier than water-based ones, provide more vivid colors and images, and stand up better under tough conditions. And since they “dry” only under UV light with none of the evaporation necessary with water-based inks, there’s very little waste.

Environmental Conditions Determine Ink Type

Thinking about the kinds of conditions your product is likely to be in will determine which of these ink types will best suit your custom cut & stack labels project. For instance, if your product will need to stand up to extreme conditions of heat or humidity (say while in storage or during transport), you’ll want to consider using UV curable inks.

If you have questions about the kinds of ink we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics can provide for great-looking custom labels, give us a call! We’re always happy to provide you with the information you need.

Material Type for Cut & Stack Labels Determines Glue Type

In every step of the process, there are decisions to make that will affect the outcome of your cut and stack labels project. Deciding which type of glue is best to use in the label application process has a lot to do with what that glue will be applied to, and when it comes to cut & stack labels, we’re talking about the material you’ve used. That’s because in most cases the glue will have to be applied to the “lap” (the unvarnished and unprinted edge) of your label, because the label is wrapped around the container and affixed to itself.

You see, some glues stick to certain label surfaces better than others. When you’re considering glue for cut & stack labels, you need a glue that will adhere well to the material type you’ve selected. Our custom label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics have worked with many different materials, inks and glues that can stand up to any condition. With the right glue type, your cut & stack labels can stick reliably to any material lap surface and stand up to all kinds of environmental conditions, too!

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