Conjuring Up the Best Craft Beer & Spirits Labels

POSTED 02/15/2018
EHG - Cut Stack Labels for Beer and Other Products

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been supplying labels to the beer, wine and spirits industries for a long while and we’ve enjoyed being a part of this growing and creative trend for craft brews, spirits, and wines. With our extensive experience, providing labels to the beverage industry, we’ve ensured that we’re ahead of the curve in being able to help producers with their craft beer and spirits labeling, not to mention creating custom labels that lead to products selling.

No matter the extent of your brewing experience, all products will require product labels that represent the unique qualities of the brews found inside the bottles. See below for a few tips we recommend for Craft Beers, Spirits, and Wine labels.

Need Labels for the Long Haul?

Beers, spirits and wine packaging and labeling require the product to survive a wide array of environmental extremes from heat, cold, moisture, and harsh shelf/storage conditions. To make these labels last for the long haul, you’ll want to work with a label provider that offers material options and adhesives that can hold up to these challenges.

Looking For A Label That Sells Brews?

Creativity in design sells craft beers and spirits, and it is one of the things that defines the very personality of the product itself.

While some label providers or do-it-yourself label options allow for little variation in paper stock, label size, shape, design, and finish, you can be assured that Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you produce even your most creative label ideas through customization and innovation (one of our trademarks!)

Not Just Any Label Will Do.

When labeling craft beers, spirits, and wine, it is essential to explore the many label options and identify the best for your particular application. For example, while there is a variety of label customization options available, pressure sensitive label adheres exceptionally well to the outer glass bottle or aluminum can surfaces.

In other circumstances, with wet-strength papers and films that can stand up to moisture and cold environments, Cut & Stack Labels work well for full-wrap craft labels and high-volume production. However, it’s important to know that Cut & Stack Labels are not ideal for labeling spirits, so you’ll want to talk through the pros and cons of all your options with an Epsen Hillmer Graphics label specialist first.

Your craft beer or spirit deserves a label that is as individual as the product itself! The best way to accomplish this is to partner with Epsen Hillmer Graphics for your craft brew and liquor labeling needs. Contact Epsen Hillmer Graphics Today at (402) 342-7000 to discuss finding the right label for your unique beverage.