Color Design is Important in Cut & Stack Labels

POSTED 05/06/2014
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Here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, a leading supplier of cut & stack labels, pressure sensitive labels, and other consumer product labels, we know the value of an eye-catching design when it comes to products that seem to fly off the shelves. Did you know, though, that something as simple as a color change can have a big effect on a consumer’s decision to buy your product over another? It’s true! So when you’re in the design process for your next run of cut & stack labels, you’ll want to keep in mind what you learn here today.


Putting Thought into Color Schemes for Consumer Product Labels

To illustrate how important color is in influencing the way consumers think about the products they buy, here’s an example from the Journal of Health Communication. This recent study, conducted by Jonathon Schuldt of Cornell’s Social Cognition and Communication Lab, found that consumers were more likely to determine the healthfulness of a candy bar based on the color of its calorie label. Both candy bars used in the experiment were exactly the same, and each label conveyed the exact same verbal and numeric information. The only difference? Some of the calorie labels were red, while the others were green.

What was the result? Consumers were more likely to view the green labeled candy bar as healthier than the red one. This is an interesting phenomenon for a number of reasons. You don’t have to sell candy bars to understand that color design can be a very important aspect of your cut & stack labels project.

What Does this Mean for Your Cut & Stack Labels Project?

It means that the colors you choose to incorporate into your cut and stack labels, while a small detail, can have a big impact on how consumers perceive your consumer product labels. Now, based on the example above, one would think that green is simply a better color than red to use in designing cut and stack labels. Hold on a second, though—is that really true? What about Coca-Cola? What about Campbell’s Soup? They use red in their designs and they seem to be doing just fine.

Here’s the lesson we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics suggest you take from this: there’s no “best” or “worst” color to choose for your cut & stack labels, only a best or worst color for your particular situation. Green is a color that speaks to healthfulness on a calorie label better than red does (perhaps because red on a calorie label suggests a warning), but that doesn’t mean that red won’t be a more effective color than green to use in another situation! As long as you’re thinking about the messages your consumer product label colors send to consumers in their specific situations, you’ll be well on your way to picking the best possible colors for your next cut and stack labels project!

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