Choosing the Right Colors for Wine & Spirits Bottle Labels

POSTED 08/20/2015
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Color is one of the key elements of designing an amazing label for a wine or spirits bottle. In addition to choosing the right color palette, companies need to understand the optimal way to actually print colors on labels. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we offer several different methods of printing color labels. Since not every label is the same, having a variety of printing methods enables us to deliver the absolute best labels for every client.

While we’ll be happy to speak with you in detail about color printing and which method is going to work best for your specific needs, we want to use this post to provide an introduction to the different color printing methods we utilize.

Spot Color Printing

The color selection used by this form of printing is based on what’s known as the Pantone matching system. Although we could easily launch into a long discussion of the technical details of the Pantone matching system, the main takeaway for businesses is this option works best for logos with just a few basic colors like black and red. It’s also worth noting that this option can be very cost-effective.

Hexachrome Labels

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The reason that the CMYK acronym is so commonly used in discussions about printing is because these four colors can be combined in different quantities to create just about any color you can imagine. With hexachrome printing, you get the addition of orange and green. This specific printing option is an excellent choice if your labels have pastel colors or skin tones. Hexachrome printing can also work really well for color schemes that emphasize orange or green.

Four-Color Process Printing

As you may have guessed based on the previous section, four-color process printing is based around the use of CMYK. The reason these colors are able to create just about any color that’s desired is because they’re printed in a specific pattern of tiny dots. Not only can four-color process printing create labels that look great, but it offers a solution for labels with numerous colors that’s quite budget-friendly.

Hot Foil Stamp Labels

When people think of foil labels, a shiny finish is often the first style that comes to mind. While we can definitely print labels with that type of finish, we also do other foil finishes like matte. Based on our experiences working with businesses in Omaha and across the rest of the country, using a hot foil stamp label on a wine or spirits bottle can really make it stand out on store shelves.

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If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the types of color printing that we offer, don’t worry. We simply wanted to show you that we can ensure your wine or spirits bottles end up with the absolute best label. Working with Epsen Hillmer Graphics means that we’ll help you decide which type of color printing is right for your specific labels. We also make getting started as easy as calling us at (402) 342-7000.