Choosing Adhesives for Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 09/18/2014
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Pressure Sensitive Labels_EHGChoosing the right adhesive type for your pressure sensitive labels can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not familiar with the many different options available. Before anything else, though, deciding on a label adhesive starts with understanding how your product will be used by your customers. Today, our custom label printing team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will go over our most popular and commonly used adhesives for pressure sensitive labels and explain when you should choose one over another!

Adhesive Types for Every Occasion

You may be thinking that the kind of adhesive you choose doesn’t really matter, because after all, glue is glue, right? If it sticks, it’s good! In reality, though, there are many different kinds of adhesives to use for pressure sensitive labels, and which one you pick really depends on what conditions your product will be in over the course of its life. For instance, your product could end up being used in a shower or other wet environment, and in that case it would need a pressure sensitive label adhesive that can stand up to wet conditions without losing its stick.

If trying to anticipate every step of label production as well as how a customer might use your product seems like too much work, don’t worry! Our label printing experts can recommend the exact adhesive your product labels will need to look their best in any situation.

How to Judge an Adhesive’s Performance

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a lot more to choosing the right adhesive for your product’s pressure sensitive labels than just seeing what sticks. For instance, you have to understand the adhesive’s initial tack, its long-term bond, as well as how a consumer will eventually use the product that your label is applied to. All of these variables will determine the best adhesive type for your purposes.

Adhesive Types for Your Pressure Sensitive Labels

There are many different types of label adhesives that each perform their best in different conditions, and no one adhesive is the best at everything. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what the different types are and what makes each one special. Here are some of Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ most popular pressure sensitive label adhesives:

All-Temperature: This adhesive performs well in a wide range of temperatures, though exceptionally low or high temperatures will give it trouble.
Cold-Temperature: This adhesive is formulated to adhere well in very cold temperatures, making it perfect for products that need to be stored in a freezer.
Repositionable: This adhesive delivers a weak initial tack with a strong long-term bond, so it can be removed and repositioned if need be.
Removable: This adhesive can be removed from a number of surfaces, allowing for easy removal of a label. For product containers that are recyclable, this can be a great choice.

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No matter what conditions your product is used in, choosing the correct adhesive for your pressure sensitive labels is one of the keys to printing labels that look fantastic for your customers! Our custom label printing team at EHG can help you determine the best adhesives to use for your custom label project, so give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 to get started!