Choosing a Spirits Bottle Label in 2016

POSTED 03/30/2016
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The spirits bottle label a company designs for one of its products can have a significant impact on how well that product sells. Although taste is very important throughout the spirits industry, appearance also plays a major role in how consumers react to different offerings. Even if a specific spirits brand offers amazing flavor, most people won’t know if the bottle’s label doesn’t give them a compelling reason to pick it up and take the bottle home.

The significant impact of appearance and brand means plenty of spirits companies get hung up on trying to pick the right type of label for their bottles. With all the different types, styles and options that are available, narrowing down to the best selection can be stressful. While choosing a new spirits bottle label isn’t a process any company should rush, the good news is there’s actually a clear path to follow.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Are a Great Choice

If you ever visit the Epsen Hillmer Graphics facility in Omaha, you’ll see a variety of different labels being printed. The reason we print so many different types of labels is we have clients across a wide range of industries. We want every client to get the best possible labels for their products, which is why we do different labels to meet various applications.

When it comes to the types of bottles that spirits are put and sold in, there’s a specific label that stands out above all the rest. The option we highly recommend to spirits companies is to use pressure sensitive labels. There are several reasons why this option works so well as a spirits bottle label.

The name of this type of label comes from the fact that activation or heat isn’t required for application. Instead, light pressure is all that’s needed to apply PSLs by hand or with a machine. In addition to the application flexibility that pressure sensitive labels offer, there are multiple types of adhesives that can be used to apply them to a bottle’s smooth surface.

The quality of PSLs isn’t limited to their material and application techniques. These labels also offer top-notch design. Given the importance of having a spirits bottle that stands out on store shelves, the design possibilities and options available with pressure sensitive labels are significant. This type of label will make it possible to create a design that consumers will notice and remember.

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One of the reasons so many companies choose to work with us is we’re truly committed to doing great work. Epsen Hillmer Graphics stands behind all the labels we create. Not only do we care about doing great work for our clients, but we want to serve as a trusted partner for them.

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