Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels for Glass Bottles

POSTED 12/10/2014
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

Suppose you’re in need of custom labels, and your product comes in a glass bottle–which type of label should you choose? There are several tough decisions to make when it comes to designing and printing custom labels for your products. In this situation, the answer is easy: you should go with pressure sensitive labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Our team at EHG are here to give you the guidance on why pressure sensitive labels could be the best for your situation, as opposed to cut & stack labels.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Work Best for Glass Bottles

Many products that come in glass bottles, like craft beer and soda, need labels that have staying power in harsh conditions. Pressure sensitive labels are up to that challenge because they act like a sticker–the entirety of the label is affixed to your product, bonding the label to the glass surface securely. With a variety of different adhesives available, no other label type is more appropriate for this application. You can be sure that your pressure sensitive labels will stay on for as long as the product is in use.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Perform Well in Other Contexts

Craft beer and soda bottles have a curved glass surface that makes affixing other types of labels a challenge, but pressure sensitive labels have exceptional performance characteristics in this situation. They’re also perfect for other products that come in glass bottles or jars–anything from health & beauty products to jarred salsa can benefit from the wide variety of pressure sensitive labels available from Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Reduce Application Costs

While other types of labels require glue to be applied during the installation process, pressure sensitive labels are manufactured with the adhesive included. With this step, it makes the application process for them easier and less expensive. It’s no surprise why pressure sensitive labels have become the leading choice when looking for glass bottle label applications based on their efficiency and reduced application costs.

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We here at EHG hope that we’ve given you some compelling reasons to choose the pressure sensitive labels for your products in glass bottles. From craft beer and soda to health & beauty products and everything in-between, pressure sensitive labels give you the versatility and easy application you need to make sure your project comes in on budget! Give our team of custom label printing experts a call today at (402) 342-7000 to get started!