Choose Cut & Stack Labels for Salad Dressings

POSTED 01/16/2015
Customized Label for Glass Salad Dressing Jar - EHG

According to the Wall Street Journal, the salad dressing market has gone through significant changes over the last few years. As a result of there being more competition than ever before, both new and old players in the market need to utilize options like cut & stack labels to grab consumers’ attention.

It wasn’t long ago when the salad dressing market in Omaha and the rest of the United States was dominated by just a few major brands. However, an explosion of new offerings has noticeably segmented the market. Economical private-label dressings have taken budget shoppers away from traditional brands while organic dressings have won over high-end consumers. Not only do brands need a way to stand out from other dressings on crowded store shelves, but they need to ensure that bottles labels contain all of the information consumers are now looking for prior to purchasing.

While the increased competition has left some of the older brands scrambling to adapt to a changing market, this industry shakeup presents a big opportunity for more nimble brands. For small to medium brands that have a great product but just need the right packaging to take their success to the next level, there’s a very good chance that cut & stack labels are the solution.

Cut & Stack Labels are the Best Option for Salad Dressing Bottles – Here’s Why

This type of label can be printed on a roll-fed or large sheet printing press. Once these labels are cut, the standard application process is to overlap the label and then glue it to itself. Depending on the size of the company, they can handle the application process in-house or source it to a co-packer.

The first reason that Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommends cut & stack labels for salad dressing bottles is because this type of label is great for high-volume applications. Overall, the base pricing of these labels are very attractive. Additionally, cost-effectiveness increases as order quantities go up.

The second reason cut & stack labels are great for salad dressings is because they’re quite durable. Even if dressing bottles are exposed to moisture in Omaha or wherever else they’re shipped, the labels can remain in very good shape. The other big benefit of cut & stack labels is they can be produced from a range of different materials. Whether you’re interested in metallized, synthetic or paper labels, we can help you select the option that’s going to make your salad dressing bottles look great.

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