Celebrate Special Corporate Occasions with Custom Label Water Bottles

POSTED 02/22/2017

There are literally hundreds of specialty items your company could choose to promote a special business occasion, but few are as affordable and practical as a simple bottle of water. Whether you are preparing for a corporate milestone anniversary and would like to add that special touch, or are just looking for a subtle way to promote your business to visitors, offering water bottles with a custom label can be very impactful.

Since custom labels for water bottles can be produced quickly and affordably, they offer an effective way to make a special occasion even more special or to get your brand directly in the hands of your employees, customers, and prospects. There are many reasons why custom label water bottles can be a good choice to celebrate or promote your business. Here are a few to consider:

Make the Occasion Special

Business milestones such as a 40-year, 100-year or 125-year anniversary deserve extra-special recognition. Including your company logo and colors, adding special messaging to reinforce a corporate initiative or highlighting facts about your business’ historical growth are a few suggestions for making your custom water bottle label stand out. Custom company anniversary labels or special occasion water bottles that feature your branded message are one simple way to make corporate celebrations special without a lot of expense, planning or effort.

Make Your Brand Consumable

Advertising your business on a water bottle label is a non-threatening way to get your corporate brand in the hands of many, at a price that doesn’t blow the budget. Most everyone accepts a bottle of water when it is offered (after all, we all get thirsty!). Unlike some corporate giveaways, no one questions your business motives when you ask if they’d like a refreshing bottle of water.

Make Mour Brand Portable

Once accepted, that bottle with your custom label can travel a long way, taking your brand right along with it. When employees pick up a water bottle with your logo on the custom label, they become instant ambassadors for your brand as they interact with your customers and go about their day. Those same customers leave with a subtle reminder of your brand in hand, bringing a whole new meaning to mobile marketing.

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