Pressure Sensitive Labels Offer Versatility, Durability, Value

POSTED 04/21/2017
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Any reputable label supplier knows the value of Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). Not only do they work for a wide variety of uses and applications, they are also economical and easy to apply. Pressure Sensitive Labels are often called “self-adhesive” and consist of a face stock material (paper or film), an adhesive backing, and a release liner. With the release backing removed, labels can be applied permanently to a multitude of surfaces.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are applied with light pressure without activation or heat. The type of adhesive used for these labels can vary widely depending on the desired use. Pressure Sensitive Labels are usually produced on rolls and are either hand or machine applied to the finished product.

Reasons to Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels

They are extremely versatile. They can be applied so just about any smooth-sided surface and can also be produced as two-sided labels (as in a jar or water bottle application where both sides can be visible).

They are easy to apply. Pressure-sensitive labels can be applied by machine or hand. The manufacturing process and the label application methods are both cost-effective and can be customized to suit specific production needs.

They look great. Pressure-sensitive labels can be produced using high-quality graphics and are designed to be durable and long lasting. The labels can be custom die-cut to any shape and are produced with cost-effective printing methods such as UV Flexographic, letterpress, and/or a silkscreen process, depending on your unique needs.

Industries with Products Well-Suited for Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Because pressure-sensitive labels are so versatile, there are many industries that may be able to take advantage of the cost-effective labeling technique. For example:

Food & Beverage – PS labels are widely used for well-known food and beverage brands and are great options when colors need to pop, the design must focus on existing brand standards and there is a need for a durable, long-lasting label.

Household – Pressure sensitive labels can take the abuse of handling and strong chemical ingredients found in popular cleaning or household products.

Health & Beauty – Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) are ideal for health and beauty products because they offer extremely vibrant colors and a variety of custom add-ons such as embossing, foil finishes or textured varnishes.

Determining if a pressure-sensitive label is best suited for your application is best left to the labeling experts, cause there are some special use cases and considerations where PSL labels may not be the ideal choice. For the large majority of products, however, pressure sensitive labels are a great option.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers several special options for Pressure Sensitive Labels. Call 402-342-7000 to ask if Pressure Sensitive Labels are right for your labeling application.

With a wide variety of add-ons available for including Rotary Screening, Hot Foil Stamping, Textured Varnishes, and Metallics, your label can represent your brand in the best light possible.