Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials

POSTED 04/14/2017
EHG - Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials

You might think it is a pretty simple task to create a custom label for a candle; but then, of course, you would be mistaken! There are actually quite a number of considerations when designing and selecting a suitable label material for candles and, ability to take the heat isn’t the only thing to keep in mind.

Safety First

Flame resistance is one of the top considerations when selecting materials to label candles and is dictated by safety regulations followed by all reputable candle manufacturers. Whether you are a large producer or a craftsman producing one candle at a time, any label that is used on your candle product should include some specific criteria to ensure the safety of the user.

According to the National Candle Association (NCA), the user or consumer must be able to clearly see the fire-safety label (which is basically a cautionary tag) that lists three rules for candle fire safety. These rules are derived from ASTM F2058 Standard Specifications for Candle Fire Safety Labeling:

  1. Burn within sight
  2. Keep away from combustibles
  3. Keep away from children

Candle Label Materials and Design

With safety considerations handled, the next step is to identify the proper materials and printing needs to produce a label that not only represents your candle product and brand but also stands up to repeated use and fluctuating temperatures. That’s where a reputable label supplier can help guide your decision-making to help you choose the right materials to keep your custom candle label looking great.

Here are some things a label supplier will likely ask to help you find the best options for labeling your candle product:

Where will the label be applied?

Will it be affixed directly to the candle, or is your candle packaged inside a container? Is the container glass or some other material? There are many different label types, materials and finishes to choose from, some of which are better suited for certain surfaces and applications.

If you are using a container, what is that container’s shape?

If the container is round, square, tapered or ridged, there are certain considerations your label manufacturer will need to keep in mind. If the container is oddly or variably shaped, a special die may be required to cut a custom label to fit your container. That can add time and cost to the production of your custom label.

What is your candle made of?

For example, if the candle is soy, it eliminates the possibility of adhering a label directly to the candle. Soy candles burn at a lower melting point than do traditional waxes, which means the label can potentially become damaged and fail if affixed directly on the product itself.

How will you be applying the label?

Options vary from applying by hand to high-production machine labeling. Your method of label application will determine the options available.

These are just a few of the things to think about as you prepare to label candles. If you are ready to talk specifics, or just have questions about safety and labeling guidelines for candle products, Epsen-Hillmer Graphics is here to help. Call us at 402-342-7000.