Can Synthetic Label Materials Be Used in Combination Runs?

POSTED 06/08/2016
EHG Cost Effective Customized Product Labels

Combination runs are a service that Epsen Hillmer Graphics is very proud to offer to its customers. This method of printing, which is also known as ganging, is a way to save money and reduce lead times. The way a combination run works is your order is taken and then grouped with requests that have similar characteristics. This allows us to print multiple orders at the same time while still maintaining the highest quality.

Because we can print orders in groups instead of one at a time, we’re able to shorten our printing queue. Combination runs provide additional efficiency with both material and printing costs, which we then pass on to you.

Understanding the Requirements for Combination Runs

Since combination runs involve multiple orders with similar characteristics, not every label variation works with this form of printing. The first requirement is the type of label that can be printed in a combination run. All of our combination runs are for cut & stack labels. Because these labels are printed on roll fed presses and then die cut, they work great for ganging.

Another thing to keep in mind is if your labels require spot colors, special coatings or they’re made from a specialty material, it’s not likely that they’ll qualify for combination printing. The reason is there probably won’t be any other orders using the same options. On the other hand, if you’re using a synthetic label material and your design only uses a standard 4 color process (CMYK), there’s a very good chance your order will work perfectly as part of a combination run.

While there are a lot of reasons to like combination printing, it’s worth noting that there are other ways to save money. Even if your label needs can’t be adjusted to work with combination printing, options like cut & stack labels are still very cost-effective. We also care about doing timely work, which means your lead time is likely to be noticeably shorter than with other printers. And to top it off, being located in Omaha means our shipping costs are lower than if we were on one of the coasts.

Discuss Your Printing Needs with Epsen Hillmer Graphics: (402) 342-7000

With our central location in Omaha, we’re able to provide excellent service to companies all over the United States. That service means you’ll get the best quality and cost-effectiveness. If you’re interested in the savings that combination runs can provide but unsure if your current label designs will meet the requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be happy to discuss your label needs and if combination runs are a good fit. In many cases, it only takes a few small tweaks to enjoy all of the benefits that combination runs have to offer. We are here to help, so all you need to do is call. You can easily reach our helpful and friendly team at (402) 342-7000.