Build a Liquor Brand with Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 01/23/2015
Spirit and Alcohol Bottles with Customized Pressure Sensitive Labels

With the vodka market alone being worth $17.3 billion a year, it’s safe to say that the wine and spirits industry is highly competitive. Branding plays an important role in getting consumers to try a specific wine or spirit, so companies know that they need to utilize elements like pressure sensitive labels in order to build a recognizable brand.

Although branding encompasses more than how a product looks, the visual appeal of a product that sits on shelves should never be underestimated. Consumers have so many different choices available to them when selecting the wine or liquor they’ll consume. A bottle’s label needs to give them a compelling reason to pick it up in Omaha or any other city. That requirement is a key part of why Epsen Hillmer Graphics highly recommends pressure sensitive labels for this specific application.

The Basics of Building a Wine or Liquor Brand

A great brand starts with having a quality product. However, there is so much competition in the wine and spirits industry, a great product alone isn’t enough. The next key element of an excellent brand is a name that sticks in consumers’ minds. The better the name, the less exposure required to ensure that people remember it.

A bottle’s design and label tie directly into how memorable a brand will be to consumers. Ideally, a bottle will be so unique that consumers cannot help but pick it up when they see it on a shelf. Since a bottle may only have one or two seconds to entice consumers to pick it up, quality graphics that immediately catch the eye are essential. That’s just one of the areas where pressure sensitive labels excel.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are the Best Option for Wine and Liquor Bottles

While Epsen Hillmer Graphics produces a variety of label types at our Omaha location, there are a few key reasons why we specifically recommend pressure sensitive labels for bottle applications. In addition to the previously mentioned high-quality nature of these labels’ graphics, PSLs can be used on any type of smooth service. That flexibility works very well with custom bottle designs.

Another reason pressure sensitive labels are the ideal fit for wine or liquor bottles is because they can be applied by hand or machine. Having both options available offers cost-effectiveness and the ability to easily adapt to changing requirements. To top things off, PSLs offer very appealing durability.

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