Bringing Diversity to Your Custom Product Labels

POSTED 04/19/2018
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You might be surprised to know that the United States has no “official language” even though English has been widely adopted as the “primary” one. In fact, even though several states have introduced legislation identifying English as the official language, at this time, no federal legislation is on the books that makes it so.

How Prominent are Hispanic, Spanish-Speaking Consumers?

U.S. Census data reports the number of Hispanic households at 57.5 million, and projects it to continue growing rapidly (to 119 million by 2060). Depending on the region or area of the country in which you live, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking residents may be equally predominant. New Mexico, for example, has a reported 47% whose primary language is Spanish.

The number of Spanish-speaking U.S. consumers has broad implications for product labeling needs and requirements.

Facebook launched its own study on this topic in October 2016, the “Facebook IQ” study conducted by Latinum Network. The study investigated 500 Hispanics from different language usage backgrounds (English-dominant, bilingual, and Spanish-dominant), complemented by in-depth interviews. One of the key findings was that ads targeting Hispanics in Spanish significantly increased their interest in purchasing these products. Moreover, 79% of Spanish-dominant, 82% of bilingual, and 60% of English-dominant Hispanics surveyed on this research think brands should reach out to consumers in both English and Spanish.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics can deliver accurate bilingual labels.

The facts identify the need for bilingual or multilingual labels. Based on your product’s regional distribution, attention should be given to this growing labeling need.

Over the years, our custom label experts have assisted brands of diverse food products, health and beauty items, household and cleaning products, beverages, and other items. Many of these projects have demanded bilingual or multilingual labeling, and that percentage is only increasing based on the demand for bilingual or multilingual labels.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been in business for more than 100 years and was built on a diverse employee base and customer clientele.

Diversity is also important in label design decisions

If your product will be marketed to a diverse audience, you should also be aware that design elements may need to be adjusted from one target audience to another. For example, knowing that Hispanic women are the primary household decision makers when purchasing products can be key information to keep in mind when marketing and labeling your products.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics speaks labels of all languages.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ label professionals are well versed in the regulations and requirements around a variety of languages and labeling requirements. Most important, we have the expertise to make sure translations are correctly done, and accurately, so your product is best represented to the diverse population of consumers who may be purchasing it.