Pet Products Require A Custom Label Made to Last

POSTED 06/08/2018
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG

There are just about as many shampoo options, with a custom label, for pets on store shelves today as there are for the humans who love them. This fact drives home the point that if you are a manufacturer of these types of bottled pet products, you really need to make sure your product’s custom label catches the eye of the purchaser. How can you make your product stand out from all the rest?

It All Begins with a Product Custom Label

You want to be sure your pet shampoo bottle label looks professional and does the hard work of adhering to your product (and staying adhered). At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we know that one of the best ways to ensure the label stays put is to employ the many benefits that come with pressure sensitive label (PSL) technology.

With hundreds of years of experience producing custom labels, we know that bottled pet products like shampoos will undergo some rough days during their product lifecycle. Holding up to stocking and shelf wear and tear is only half the battle. Fragrances, detergents, conditioning oils, fragrances and all that goes along with getting a pet squeaky clean mean the label better be made to last.

Pressure Sensitive Label Technology Stands Up to the Pet Shampoo Test

Pressure sensitive labels provide the long-lasting, waterproof and durable labeling solution that pet shampoo products require. We know this because we’ve done it hundreds of times for customers all across the United States.

With the label expertise we provide, your product will have a large selection of durable finishes to make sure the label remains vibrant and looking new from the first drop of shampoo to the last.

With a number of adhesive options (based on just how tough the product label needs to be), we can create the kind of custom label for your pet shampoo or pet product that stands up to the test.

Since Epsen Hillmer Graphics has an extensive selection of papers, films, and foils from which to choose you can also be certain your label can really utilize creative and high-end design elements and graphics that differentiate your product from all the others.

Ask the custom label specialists in our advanced production facility about options such as hot foil stamping, textured varnishing, rotary screening or metallics.

Versatile Application Options Mean Label Cost Savings

Another important advantage to Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) is the inherent flexibility that can be used for applying them. Able to be applied to virtually any smooth surface, pressure sensitive labels can be hand-adhered (for smaller production runs) or machine-applied (for high-volume applications). This flexibility can lead to cost savings in instances where only a few labels are needed or when a lot is called required.

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Not sure where to start or what to ask for when selecting a custom label for your pet shampoo or bottled pet care product? The label experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics have spent years perfecting the right label choices for our customers far and wide. We’d love to help you select the correct label for your pet shampoo or bottled pet care product.