Our Bottle Label Company Helps Craft Beer Makers

POSTED 01/06/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Craft beer is all about creating a taste that’s unique and personalized. For over 100 years, our local Omaha bottle label company has followed a similar philosophy. From the beginning, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has never tried to limit our customers’ options because that’s an easy way to do things. Instead, we’ve always taken the time to follow the path that’s best for our customers. By making our customers’ success our top priority, we’ve remained one of the industry’s most innovative companies for more than a century.

Because we’ve been creating labels for so long, we know exactly what works best for certain applications, as well as what should be avoided. When it comes to craft beer bottles, there are three main types of labels we recommend.

What Our Bottle Label Company Recommends to Craft Beer Makers

Pressure sensitive labels are the first option that Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommends. Because embossing, foil finishes and bright colors are all options that go along with pressure sensitive labels, this choice is ideal if a creative label is your top priority.

Another reason pressure sensitive labels are very popular for craft beer bottles is they offer custom die-cutting. What that means is you’re not limited to a standard rectangular shape for your label. Instead, we’re able to take any label design you come up with and create a custom die to print it. Having a unique label shape is a great way to ensure people notice your bottles when they see them on shelves or in any other setting.

Roll to roll labels are the second option our Omaha bottle label company recommends. Not only are these labels a very attractive option in terms of cost-effectiveness, but the fact that they’re delivered in rolls means they’re quite easy to store. Roll to roll labels are also great for applications that require high speed and/or volume.

Cut & stack labels are the other option that can work great on craft beer bottles. With cut & stack labels, you don’t have to worry about cold or moisture adversely affecting the labels. Even when they’re subjected to those elements, cut & stack labels maintain their performance, clarity, and color. Additionally, we offer low volume options for this type of label for those smaller or seasonal brews.

Since there are multiple label options that can work well with craft beer bottles, working with our bottle label company is the easiest way to choose the ideal type for your specific needs.

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At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we know you put so much hard work and passion into creating beer that tastes incredible, you deserve a bottle label that reflects your commitment to quality. We’re the team you can count on to help you choose the best label solution for your craft beer, as well as to deliver exactly what we promise. If you have specific questions regarding craft beer labels call us at (402) 342-7000.