In-Mold and Blow-Mold Labels Offer a Long-Lasting Custom Label Option for Liquids or Beverages

POSTED 02/27/2019
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
We talk a lot about or extensive custom label solutions at Epsen Hillmer Graphics and when most people think about labels, the paper, film or adhered variety is what often comes to mind. But, there are some products that simply don’t do well with a glue-applied label and for those circumstances, we offer our customers some of the most extensive in-mold and blow-mold labeling options in the industry. Read More »

Brand the Event with Your Corporate Message on a Water Bottle

POSTED 02/22/2019
Enhanced Water Deserves an Enhanced Label - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
If you are looking for a promotional item that everyone will appreciate, or need something to set your special event apart, a simple and affordable option can be found in a custom-labeled bottle of water. For businesses, a water bottle with your corporate logo or message is one way to take care of your customers or event attendees while providing a lasting impression. And, it is a non-threatening way to put your brand literally in the hands of your customer. Read More »

Essential Oils Deserve a Long-Lasting Custom Label

POSTED 02/14/2019
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG
If you haven’t heard of essential oils, there is a very good chance that you need to get out more. These days, the essential oil craze has expanded beyond yoga studios and new age boutiques to become mainstream options for solving ailments like headaches and colds, to reducing stress and bringing a sense of wellbeing. Read More »

When the Food Label is Especially Important, Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics

POSTED 02/02/2019
EHG - Glass Jar Pressure Sensitive Labels
Food labels serve many different purposes, but there are some labels that do an especially important job. For people who have food sensitivities or allergies, the ability to rely on a label to eliminate exposure or to identify troublesome ingredients to avoid can be a matter of life and death. Read More »

Design craft beer and soda labels according to style and season

POSTED 01/25/2019
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
In our last post, our custom label printing company, Epsen Hillmer Graphics, discussed the importance of branding in the design of craft brewery and soda labels—paying close attention to the creativity and consistency of your branding strategy across your product line solidifies your brand in the minds of your customers, but there’s more you can do to make your custom craft beer and soda labels pop! Read More »

Make the Right Choice for Essential Oils Labeling

POSTED 01/18/2019
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG
Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus and a host of other natural, medicinal and therapeutic fragrance are cropping up on store shelves in the form of essential oils. Consumers are flocking to these new aromatherapy solutions in droves, contributing to the growth of the essential oil industry which is currently a $12 billion global business. Read More »

What a Custom Label Printing Company Can Do For Craft Beer and Soda Labels

POSTED 01/11/2019
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
If you're in the small craft brewing or soda business, chances are you take as great of care with the outside of your bottle as what goes inside it. If you don't or haven't thought about it, our custom beverage label experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics want to discuss why you should pay close attention to your custom label designs. While craft brewing and soda are still small niche markets, they are growing industries that can be hard to dive into with a new product and expect to get noticed right away! Read More »

Cut and Stack Labels are a Durable, Budget-Friendly Option

POSTED 01/04/2019
Cut & stack labels are a durable and budget-friendly option for all types of products. Also known as glue-applied or “wet glue” labels, cut & stack is and Epsen Hillmer Graphics speciality. Cut & stack labels are a time-honored, classic way to label bottles, jars and cans produced by a wide variety of industries. Read More »

Try Embossing to Make Your Custom Labels Stand Out

POSTED 12/28/2018
Try Embossing To Make Your Custom Labels Stand Out
You may have put a lot of thought into the design of your label before you bring it to Epsen Hillmer Graphics, your custom label printing company in Omaha, but before you finalize your label design our team of consumer product label specialists wants to tell you about something you may not have considered: embossing! Read More »

For Branding that Sticks, Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 12/21/2018
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are definitely not new to label manufacturing but at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we will be the first to tell you they are still one of the most versatile “go to” label options we have available. With so many choices offered for label production, you owe it to your brand and budget to explore the many ways PSL may be just the right choice for your next label project. Read More »