What Are the Best Uses of Cut and Stack Labels?

POSTED 05/18/2016
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If you’re in the process of deciding which type of labels to use on your products, cut and stack labels may be one of the options you’re evaluating. As one of the most popular types of labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics wants to provide you with all the information you need to decide if these labels are the right fit for your specific needs.

The Basics of Cut and Stack Labels

Versatility, vibrancy, and cost-effectiveness are a few of the key reasons why these labels are used for so many different applications. One of the most common questions our Omaha printing company is asked is why these labels are so cost-effective. The answer to that question has to do with how the labels are manufactured. When cut and stack labels are printed, the process takes place on long rolls of material.

Because of the size of the rolls used for printing, these labels are created in very large volumes. The importance of volume often brings up another question, which is if there’s any way for companies with smaller printing needs to benefit from the cost-effectiveness of cut and stack labels.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we do have a way for companies with smaller volume requirements to still benefit from reduced costs. The way we accomplish this is through combination runs. This method of printing allows us to print your labels at the same time as other custom label orders with similar ink specifications and print materials. The result is the highest quality labels for your products at the best price. You can be confident in the durability of these labels and their ability to continue looking great.

Different Options for Cut and Stack Labels

After printing is complete, these labels are cut to size and then stacked. The labels can then be applied to your products. The standard method of application is to wrap the label all the way around a product and then glue the label to itself. Not only does this method provide an efficient way to handle applying the label, but it also maximizes the amount of available surface area.

The big benefit of having a large surface area to work with during the design process is you can create the exact look you want. Whether you’re focused on vibrant colors or high-quality images, you’ll have the room you need to ensure that your labels are fully optimized to immediately grab the attention of potential customers.

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Whether you have home products, beverages or food items that need labels, a cut and stack variety may be the perfect option. From helping you make that decision to handling the entire printing process, we’re here to help. If you want to see just how enjoyable and beneficial it can be to work with a family-owned business in Omaha, you should call us now at (402) 342-7000.