Beginning the Perfect Label

POSTED 03/16/2018
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

Whether your product sits among thousands of others in the grocery store aisle or is the centerpiece item at a high-end salon; the label is its introduction to the customer. Essentially, it is the “Hi! Come on over here!” or the “Pick Me!” which brings a consumer’s hand to the package.

Although the variety of designs on successful labels falls a close second only to the variety of products, there are a few areas that every company with a packaged product has to consider at the very beginning of the label design process. Below, our Epsen Hillmer Graphics team discusses these areas.

Copy and Font Choice Matter in Labels

When it comes to the label design, the first important choice to be made is the font. Consider the size of the label itself, because your copy must be readable. A consumer takes three seconds to make a purchase decision, so don’t leave any room for confusion. The largest typeface on the label should be the product name. Next, consider the best possible font to coordinate with the logo and brand. Make every word be a positive reflection of your product.

When it comes to sales copy, your first priority is the product name. The product name should be in an eye-catching color, easy to find, in a readable font, and consistent with the brand. Include the contact information for the company. Whatever you do, do not forget the website address. Make sure that your contact information is clear because that reinforces a trustworthy image.

Additionally, if you want a conversation with your customers, don’t forget your social networking icons. Remember that with product label, less is more. If you wish to deliver a large amount of content to the consumer, use a QR code on your label. QR codes have become all the rave, as they are an easy way to direct people to a Facebook page or website landing page. When your label landscape is small, QR codes are a great solution as you can add additional information about your product via the label. Lastly, always proof, proof, and reproof.

Photos Should Match Your Product

Make sure that your photos and design images complement the color scheme. Stock images can be a cost-saving idea, but read the fine print! Be sure you’re aware of all the licensing rights and fees for each photo. Be aware of the quantity and application limitation for reprinting a stock photo on a product label. Several stock images are for editorial use and an extended license is required to share on a website or product label. Remember that using free or stock photos means using a photo that is available to everyone. Duplicate stock image use will lead to confusion of the consumers and could lead to accidental association with another product unrelated to yours.

Professional and custom photography does cost more, however, it is far safer because of your control over the image, usage, and the impact. The same holds true for any graphics on your label. A design created from scratch for your product is well worth the investment.

Design Programs Utilized by Epsen Hillmer Graphics

The first thing many clients ask about is the timing of their label printing project. It is no secret that artwork supplied with all fonts, files, and correct size details practically fly through prepress to reach the production floor, ensuring a speedy turnaround.

Be sure to check out the EHG client resources page for templates and FTP information. It is especially important to check the creative services computer standards. At EHG, we prefer Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes other software is accepted, so check here for a complete list of our artwork standards.

This is important not only to ensure compatibility from your vision to the presses, but also because sometimes the graphics department may make suggestions considered minor details at first, but they will affect the quality of the printed product. Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a design team whose experience with labels makes their work second to none and the quality of your label is their top priority.

These three points are just the beginning of the label creating adventure. Read on to find out more about color, printing process options, and finishing ideas. If you have questions or need a quote regarding the creation of a label design, feel free to contact our team at (402) 342-7000.