Avoid DIY Pressure Sensitive Labels for Liquor Bottles

POSTED 02/05/2016
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Although pressure sensitive labels can look great on new liquor bottles, these aren’t something you ever want to print at home or through any other DIY method. When a small business or new brand is trying to get a new product launched, they need to get as much as possible out of every dollar they invest. This can lead to a company exploring different options for how they can save.

While looking around for ways to save, one potential option that may come up is self-printing labels. At first glance, this may seem like an appealing way to go. Given that a new product like a liquor line may only be produced in small quantities at first, opting for a home printing kit and then doing small amounts of labels sounds like a way to cut costs. Unfortunately, there are two significant issues with this approach.

The Downsides of Home Printing

The first downside of any type of DIY label printing kit is the quality. Even though these labels offer passable quality, they’re simply not in the same league as ones that are professionally printed. That means for a real company that’s trying to launch a new product into a competitive market like spirits, it’s not worth settling for underwhelming quality.

The other issue with taking an amateur approach to printing is the cost. Once you sit down and crunch the numbers, you realize that the total cost associated with DIY printing makes it far less appealing than it initially seems. As soon as you reach the point of needing even a few thousand labels printed, working with a professional printing company like Epsen Hillmer Graphics is going to be more economical than trying to piece together all the equipment and supplies needed for DIY printing.

Professionally Printed Pressure Sensitive Labels Offer Quality and Value

As a family-owned business in Omaha, we completely understand the need to make wise financial decisions. However, we also know that there are plenty of times when taking the cheapest option upfront ends up being quite expensive in the long run. Label printing is a perfect example of when investing a little more to do things right will pay off big.

By working with Epsen Hillmer Graphics to print pressure sensitive labels, you can be fully confident that your new liquor bottles will look great when they’re sitting on a shelf or behind a bar. Additionally, we’re able to offer the highest quality of printing at very competitive prices. And you’ll continue to save even more as your need for labels starts to scale up.

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