Amazing Food Labels Aren’t Optional in 2015

POSTED 05/22/2015
Food Labels by EHG (Lady Shopping for Sunscreen)

Heinz and Kraft recently announced that they are merging together. Because this likely means an even more challenging path for smaller food companies, it’s important for salad dressing and sauce makers to have a way to get onto supermarket shelves. As Epsen Hillmer Graphics has seen firsthand, labels are one of the best ways to get attention. While there was a time when companies could get away with putting less than stellar labels on their bottles, the increased competition within this industry means that’s no longer an option.

3 of the Best Label Options for Food Products in 2015

If you have a food product that you’re currently selling in Omaha and want to expand to new markets, the right label can help you grow. And even if you already have a product with a national presence, you may be unhappy with the look or performance of your current label.

When it comes to selecting the best type of label for food products like salad dressings, there are several options that stand out above the rest. Pressure sensitive labels are first on the list. Not only do these labels look great, but you can count on them to last for a long time after their application. To top things off, you can get the exact look you want thanks to the availability of a variety of add-on options.

In-mold (blow mold) labels come in second on the list. These labels are most commonly found on food products that require large or irregular packaging. Of all the attributes that make these labels appealing, the most notable is the fact that it’s basically impossible to damage in-mold labels. Last but not least are roll to roll labels.

If you’re at a stage in your business where you have a large volume of products to label but don’t want to spend a small fortune on doing so, roll to roll labels are an excellent choices. In addition to their price appeal, these labels also offer very efficient application options.

Our Labels Aren’t Limited to Bottles

While Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a lot of experience working with companies that produce salad dressings and other food products that come in bottles, we’ve also worked with companies that have products in other forms of packaging. So whether you’re selling a product that comes in a plastic container, bag, glass container or another type of packaging with an odd shape, we have the knowledge and capabilities to make your food packaging look its absolute best.

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