Why You Should Always Color Proof Your Custom Labels

POSTED 12/14/2018
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Chances are that most of us have been in this situation at one time or another: you’ve created a design mock-up on the computer and want to show it to someone else, so you print it off, only to find that the colors on-screen don’t match those on the paper. After tweaking and re-tweaking, trying to get the colors of your original design to show up on the paper, you realize that the process of color-matching is much more difficult than you’d imagined it would be.

The last thing you want is to have this happen to you in the course of your custom label project at Epsen Hillmer Graphics! With so many deadlines to juggle getting your product ready to be shipped and sold, running into problems with your label design not looking like the final product as it comes off the line is definitely a bad thing. That’s why our team of consumer product labels specialists always recommend double-checking what your finished product will look like with a color proof!

Why is Color Proofing Your Custom Labels Necessary?

Whether you’re creating labels for bottles, pet products, or you have a need for other consumer product labels, it’s always a good idea to get a color proof of your design from your label printing company before the job is completed.

But why do colors look different on a monitor than they do when they’re printed?

The answer lies in how a monitor’s method of creating colors differs from how colors are printed with ink on a label surface.

When you see a color displayed on any type of electronic display, such as a TV, computer monitor, or smartphone screen, it’s created by the device generating a complex combination of red, green, and blue lights. This additive method of creating color (meaning that different colors of light are added together to create other colors) is called RGB, appropriately enough.

Printing ink on a label surface utilizes a completely different system, however, called CMYK (which stands for Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Black). Printing using ink is a subtractive method of creating color, meaning that by mixing different pigments together you actually end up subtracting certain wavelengths of an object’s reflective light, making the object (your label) appear as a particular color.

Since these systems of creating color are totally different, it stands to reason there’ll be differences in how your label design looks on a computer screen versus how it looks when it’s printed.

Getting a Color Proof of Your Custom Label Design

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we make it easy to confirm that your final finished labels will look exactly the way you want them. Our state-of-the-art system matches colors from design file to printed product incredibly well, but taking the time to look at a sample of your printed product in the form of a proof is a smart idea if you want to be absolutely sure that your custom label’s colors match your original design.

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At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, a leading label printing company in Omaha, our team of consumer product label printing specialists wants you to be completely satisfied with how your project turns out, which is why we always offer color proofs to our clients before we complete their jobs. If you have any questions about color proofing or want to start your next custom label printing project with us, call Epsen Hillmer Graphics today at (402) 342-7000!