Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labels for Skin Care Products

POSTED 01/12/2017
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Demand for skin care products in the United States is expected to grow from $121 billion in 2016 to $127 billion this year. That growth is projected to continue over the next few years, with the market hitting $154 billion by 2021. This ongoing growth presents a significant opportunity for companies that can stand out among the existing competition. To help you move towards accomplishing that goal, we want to cover a potential strategy in detail. That strategy is what you put on your skin care product bottles.

What Are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been a family-owned business in Omaha for over a century. This has given us an opportunity to work with companies across a wide range of industries. Based on our experience, pressure sensitive labels are the best option for skin care products. Before we dive into exactly why we want to provide a few notable details about these labels.

The first has to do with how they’re applied. Instead of requiring activation or heat, these labels only need light pressure. That means pressure sensitive labels offer the flexibility for application by machine or hand. The second is pressure sensitive labels are typically produced on rolls. This, combined with the presence of a release liner, makes them easy to transport, handle and store. Finally, the availability of different adhesives for these labels means you can get the perfect hold for a specific product.

Using These Labels to Make Your Skin Care Products Stand Out

Now that you know more about pressure sensitive labels, we want to highlight exactly why they work so well on skin care products. One area where these labels shine in regards to skin care products is the ability to use them on different bottle sizes and shapes. As mentioned above, another advantage of these labels is the ability to apply them in different ways.

Since visual appearance is absolutely critical in the skin care market, the fact that pressure sensitive labels offer truly exceptional graphics makes them almost a no-brainer. You will have no problem getting the exact look you want for your products. And if that look includes a custom shape, the labels can be die-cut accordingly. The availability of different adhesives and substrates also means you can count on the labels to continue looking great even after a consumer starts using the product at home.

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