Adhesives and Coatings for Your Custom Flexo Labels

POSTED 04/08/2014
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When you start the process of creating custom beverage labels (or any other consumer product label), it’s important to know what you’re getting into in every step of production. To end up with a product you’re satisfied with and proud to display on store shelves, there are lots of decisions you need to make based on many variables. Is your label going on a bottle, jar, box, or something else? How will it be shipped and how long will it be stored before it’s sold? What’s the temperature of the product your custom beverage labels will adhere to? Water bottle labels, for instance, will use different adhesives and coatings than those for pet products, and in order to know what materials and processes are necessary to create great-looking consumer product labels across the board, it’s helpful to map out the life cycle of your products from manufacture to sale.

As a leading label printing company in Omaha, Nebraska, Epsen Hillmer Graphics wants you to end up with stunning custom labels that reflect the value and quality of your products, and we’ll help you every step of the way to make sure that happens. Read on to learn how to anticipate which adhesives and coatings you should pick for your consumer product labels.

Mapping Out the Life Cycle of Your Products

In general, it’s important to know what environmental conditions your products will be in as they make their way to consumers. From preparation and transport to storage and sale, every step is important. You even have to consider how the consumer will eventually use the product!

For instance, imagine you have a shipment of glass bottle labels that you think would only need a simple UV varnish to afford them enough protection for their journey. However, if it’s a long, cross-country shipment with a lot of potential jostling involved, that simple coating could wear and cause damage to your labels before they even get to their destination. In this case, we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics would suggest going with a more durable lamination coating to ensure that your product looks its best.

Think About the Label Destination

While understanding the steps involved in your product’s journey from manufacture to sale is important, you should also design your custom flexo labels to hold up well during normal consumer use. If you have labels for bottles that’ll probably get dumped in an ice bucket for a backyard barbeque, you’ll want to choose a wet-strength adhesive and label material that can stand up to that condition!

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