Add Some Class to Your Glass Jar Label

POSTED 06/14/2018
EHG - Glass Jar Pressure Sensitive Labels

For hundreds of years, glass jars have been the choice option for delivering products to consumers. Everything from food products like those just mentioned, to health and beauty items, household products, wine and spirits, craft beers and so much more. Because of the inherent see-through quality, smooth surface, and general durability, glass jar packaging never goes out of style.

If you are a home-based craftsman creating small-batch jellies and salsa, or a large corporation producing thousands of products that are packaged in glass jars, you both have one thing in common: the need for a great label that sets your product apart from the rest and brings just the right “flavor” to the item you are promoting.

Set Your Product Apart with a Custom Label

Because there are so many products produced in glass jars, one way to set yours apart from the others is to make sure yours has a custom label that not only accents what’s inside but also stays looking good from production to purchase. Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are a perfect match for this labeling need.

Glass Jars and PSL are a Perfect Match

Because glass jars have typically smooth surfaces, a pressure sensitive label is a perfect label choice. These jars can also be exposed to harsh conditions during shipping or storage that demand a durable label with an adhesive that can hold up to these rigors. With Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ PSL technology, you can be sure that once applied, that label will remain adhered.

Glass jars also feature a curved surface which lends itself well to PSL application. The secure bond that comes with a pressure sensitive label technology makes sure the label stays put.

Label Shape and Size

One way to make a glass jar label stand out is to use a unique shape for your label. Epsen Hillmer Graphics produces custom labels for glass jar applications of all kinds and has perfected techniques in their Omaha-based production facility for hundreds of years.

Cutting dies can be custom made in just about any shape you desire; or, many customers have enjoyed cost savings by using existing dies in our inventory.

Ovals, squares, circles, diamond-shapes and many more are available from Epsen Hillmer Graphics, and we’d love to show you how label shape and size can add appeal to your product without adding a lot to the overall cost of production.

Pressure Sensitive and Price Sensitive

If durability and eye appeal aren’t enough, there is also a price savings benefit that comes with pressure-sensitive labels for glass jar applications.

With the adhesive already a part of the production process, you’ll never pay more to add the glue during application. Another way to save is through only printing what you need (for low-volume, often hand-applied use) or by taking advantage of volume print discounts (for high-volume, machine-applied labels).

For Glass Jar Custom Labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the Right Choice

If you need answers to any other questions, you may have about glass jar pressure sensitive labels or to start the process of designing them for your products, call our experienced team in Omaha today at (402) 342-7000.