Looking For A Label That Can Handle The Pressure?

POSTED 12/29/2017
Label that Can Handle the Pressure - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Pressure Sensitive labels are often referred to as simple stickers, but there’s a lot more to these versatile labels than meets the eye when talking about their use for product labeling applications. Produced using paper, film, foils or a variety of other available substrates and offering a wide array of inks and specialty finishes, PSLs have become a popular label for small, medium, and large products nationwide.

Not only does the appearance of the label offer an eye-catching appeal, the labels assembly requires only a slight to moderate pressure to be applied to a product surface requiring no heat, added solvent or water to achieve adherence.  Produced in rolls so they may be peeled off and pressed to a product surface either by hand, or high-speed machine application techniques like those available at Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Varieties & Versatility of Pressure Sensitive Labels

As such, PSLs are a great choice for many different kinds of product label needs and industries including Beverage, Craft Beer and Spirits, Household Products, Health and Beauty, Food, Grocery, and Other Specialties.

There is a host of considerations you should take into account when planning and purchasing any label, and Pressure Sensitive labels are no exception. Together with your Epsen Hillmer Graphics label professional, you can explore all of the ways your label will need to perform including;

  • extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • wet or humid conditions
  • high impact use or storage
  • and many other conditions that will dictate the materials, finishes and production techniques required to produce your perfect label.

How Pressure Sensitive Labels Are Made

To better understand the kinds of materials and finishes that will best suit your label application, it can be helpful to understand just how Pressure Sensitive labels are made. There are basically four parts to a Pressure Sensitive label including:

  • Face Stock – The face stock is the paper or film upon which your design is printed. You’ll have many options to consider when selecting the right face stock for your product label. Ask your Epsen Hillmer label professional to talk through the ways your label will be used and identify the best options for your application and budget.
  • Adhesive – This is the backing off the face stock that will eventually stick to your product. You’ll also have choices when it comes to adhesives, taking into account how your product will be used and the environments in which they will be stored. There are permanent adhesives for harsh use environments, temporary adhesives, and removable labels, as well as many specialty adhesives that you’ll want to consider with your label professional.
  • Release Coating & Liner – The label peels off of a roll (or liner) treated with a non-stick (release) coating.
  • Topcoat – Think of the topcoat as the icing on the cake and the last step in the label production process. It is a finish that is applied to add effect, texture, shine, and protection to your label. With so many options, available, you’ll want to take the time to ask your Epsen Hillmer Graphic label expert to help you identify the best materials to fit the unique needs of your label and product.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ Pressure Sensitive Label Capabilities

We serve a broad range of industries and can print a variety of labels to help you meet any need. If you need short runs or rapid turnaround time, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can deliver. Cost-effective label options, digital printing, flexographic printing and much more. Our customized and full-scale production printing operation can satisfy any label need on your timeframe and within budget.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Label

Bring your toughest label challenges to Epsen Hillmer Graphics. Our expert label consultants are ready to talk through the many options available and the ways we can work together to achieve your product labeling needs, give us a call at (402) 342-7000.