5 Rules to Follow to Ensure Stellar Customer Service

POSTED 10/19/2017
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We could produce the best labels in the nation (which we do) at the most competitive prices (we do that, too) and still not succeed in the label manufacturing industry if we didn’t place the highest importance on one thing that has been a cornerstone value of Epsen Hillmer Graphics for more than 100 years — impeccable customer service.It’s a phrase that has become somewhat cliche for many organizations, but for Epsen Hillmer Graphics, caring for the customer isn’t just something we say, it’s something we do every day. It’s true that we serve many different industries — beverage labeling, food products, health and beauty, household products, co-packer and private label, supermarket and grocery labeling and other specialties — our rules for customer service are the same no matter the product or label application.

Here are five rules we live by and which also form the basis of how we define customer service here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics:

Rule #1: Listen first; talk second.

To truly get to the heart of a customer’s’ needs, Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ employees take one important first step that is rare these days — they listen. We take the time to get to know you, your business and your specific label need first, and finally, ask the important questions so we can explore all of the label options available.

Rule #2: Promises made must be kept.

There isn’t anything we take more seriously than following through on every promise we make. It’s a rarity these days, but an important part of everything we do at Epsen Hillmer Graphics. Delivery dates, pricing quotes, quality assurances — each of these factors become promises we make to you and take seriously.

Rule #3: Live and breathe labels.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics employees include experienced craftsmen who know labels. The only way we can best serve our labeling customers is to bring that knowledge to every project. Unlike some companies where your label professional is a call center employee on the end of a phone line, Epsen Hillmer Graphics deals with customers a little differently. Expect our representatives to have a little ink on their hands, and much more than a working knowledge of the latest label techniques and technologies in their toolbox.

Rule #4: Every customer interaction is an opportunity to exceed expectations.

It really doesn’t matter if you are calling to check on an order, ask about label options or talk about the success your labels have experienced, you’ll find our team members engaged, willing to listen and excited to visit with you. We love it when you give us the opportunity to spend a little more time, ask a few more questions and get to know you and your business just a little better. Meeting expectations is never enough. We strive to exceed them every time and are always looking for ways to do that with each and every customer.

Rule #5: Be willing to dream a little.

Not every interaction with our labeling customers has to be facts, figures and delivery deadlines. In fact, we’ve come to some of our most innovative label solutions by taking the time to dream a little, take on challenges and brainstorm with our customers. Some of our most innovative custom label solutions were born this way.

Bring your label challenges to Epsen Hillmer Graphics. We’d love to brainstorm solutions for you. Visit today with our dedicated label specialists and see firsthand how we define customer service. (402) 342-7000.