5 Reasons to Choose In-Mold (Blow Mold) Labels

POSTED 10/13/2016
In-mold (blow mold) labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

If you’re comparing label options for one or more products, in-mold (blow mold) labels are a choice that should definitely be on your list. These labels offer a lot of advantages for many types of products, which we’re going to cover in detail. For any company that decides blow mold labels are right for them, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help ensure you get the best quality labels at very attractive rates.
The top five reasons to choose blow mold labels are:

1. Efficiency

Cost is an important consideration for any type of branding element. While you want your products to look their absolute best, you don’t want to pay a small fortune to accomplish that goal. With blow mold labels, the efficiency that’s present throughout the design and printing process means you can create these labels at a great price point.

2. Durability

A common shortcoming of many types of labels is it’s easy for them to be ripped off a product. Blow mold labels solve this problem through their direct integration with a product package. So if you’ve made a list of what matters most for your labels and durability or longevity are at the top of the list, you will not be disappointed by what blow mold labels offer.

3. They’re Eye-Catching

Even though blow mold labels are very appealing in terms of price, that doesn’t mean they look cheap. On the contrary, the fact that these labels are integrated directly into products gives them a premium appearance. Combined with the fact that these labels offer reduced blistering and brilliant graphics, you can count on consumers taking notice of your products whenever they walk by one on a store shelf.

4. Flexibility

This ties in with the first topic of blow mold labels’ efficiency and associated cost-savings. The same is true for the flexibility they offer. One of the traits that sets these labels apart from certain others is they’re die-cut after the printing process. That means blow mold labels can be produced in any shape. This flexibility makes them well-suited to irregularly shaped containers that would otherwise be more expensive to label.

5. Customizable

Customizing blow mold labels is something that’s very easy for us to do during the printing process. Whether you’re interested in metallics, rotary screening or hot foil stamping, these are all techniques we can utilize to help make your products stand out even more.

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