3 Popular Label Materials for Pet Care Products

POSTED 12/10/2015
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG

If your company makes pet care products that come in bottles, you need labels that look great. You also need labels that are going to last. While you want your product bottles to look great on store shelves, you want them to continue looking just as good when consumers have them in their homes.

Which Type of Label is Best for Pet Care Products?

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we offer a variety of different label types. With over 100 years of experience, we’re able to produce excellent labels for everything from craft beer bottles to food products. Because we do have so much experience in this industry, we know which types of labels are going to work for specific products, and which ones should be avoided for certain applications.

When it comes to pet care products, pressure sensitive labels are an excellent choice. These labels can be applied to a bottle with light pressure. PSLs don’t require heat or activation to apply, which means they can fit in perfectly with virtually any type of production or application process. Another advantage of pressure sensitive labels is they work on bottles of all sizes. And to top things off, they look great and are quite durable.

What Are the Three Types of Pressure Sensitive Label Materials?

By default, PSLs offer above-average durability. However, it’s possible to maximize their durability by choosing the best label material for a specific application. The three types of label materials that are available are paper, wet-strength paper and film. Each of these materials has its own set of unique properties.

Paper is considered the most versatile of the three types. It’s also the least durable. Wet-strength paper provides greater resistance than standard paper, but it can still be susceptible to getting wet if a product has a long enough lifespan. Film offers the advantage of looking very good, as well as being able to remain in great condition over even a very long period of time. Film can also be customized if you’re interested in making your product bottles look like they don’t have a label on them.

Of those three materials, film is the best option for pet care bottles. It’s normal for products in this category to be be around for a long time and get wet numerous times. Paper labels will eventually fail, but a film label should not.

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