Putting Some Class on Your Glass with Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ Custom Labels

POSTED 07/31/2018
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG
When it comes to producing a custom label for products that are packaged in glass, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has found few label options more suitable than the pressure sensitive label. These labels can be affixed securely to the glass and the label bonds easily even with the typical curvature that is part of the glass-package design. Read More »

When the Squeeze is On, Pressure Sensitive Labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics Can Take the Pressure

POSTED 07/26/2018
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products
If you are a producer of a product that is delivered in a squeeze-type tube, you are already acquainted with the challenges associated with labeling these popular, frequently-used products. By their very nature, squeezable tubes are designed to take repeated pressure as a means of delivering the product inside. Given this type of use, not just any custom label will fit the need. Read More »

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Explains Label Lamination

POSTED 07/20/2018
Grocery Labels - EHG (Female Shopping)
Whether you choose varnish or laminate for your next custom label printing project, you can be sure that your labels will stand up to the harsh conditions of shipping and storage that would otherwise cause your labels to begin to deteriorate, even before reaching your customers. In this article, we’ll go further in-depth about the process of lamination and why you should put some thought into the type of coating you choose for your custom labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics. Read More »

How is Epsen Hillmer Graphics Different from Other Custom Label Manufacturers?

POSTED 07/13/2018
Food Labels by EHG (Lady Shopping for Sunscreen)
When you’re shopping around for a custom label manufacturer to produce bottle labels, tube labels, and any other type of container label for your products, it can be difficult to know which company to do business with—after all, many label companies provide similar services with comparable benefits at roughly equivalent price points. So what sets apart one custom bottle label printing company from another? Read More »