Cut and Stack Labels Bring Versatility, Impact

POSTED 11/30/2017
EHG - Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels
Epsen Hillmer Graphics produces millions of labels each year and one of the most popular with our customers is Cut and Stack. If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality label option, there are a lot of reasons you should take a hard look at the many benefits of Cut and Stack labels among the multitude of other options available. Read More »

The Difference Between Private Label and Co-Packing

POSTED 11/24/2017
epsen hillmer graphics shopping for household products with labels
When we are asked to explain the difference between Co-packing and Private Labeling, our label experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will often use a simple analogy to help clear up the confusion. Read More »

Looking for a Label Manufacturer You Can Stick With?

POSTED 11/16/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Searching for a reliable and quality oriented Label Manufacturer that will treat your business as a partner? At Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG), we understand that styling your label is a huge decision and finding the proper manufacturer to make your label literally stick is a very important process. Read More »

Do You Judge a Product by it’s Label? Choosing the Right Labels

POSTED 11/09/2017
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG
Do you judge a product by it’s label? Sure you do, who doesn't? The design, style and finish of any product’s label is the introduction to the consumer. But more than that goes into choosing the right label for your bottled product. Read More »