Pressure Sensitive Labels are Perfectly Suited for Glass Bottles

POSTED 09/29/2017
EHG - Cut Stack Labels for Beer and Other Products
How do you know what’s the best option for your glass-bottled product? That’s where Epsen Hillmer Graphics comes in. Whether your glass bottle contains a frosty beverage, a fermented concoction, an herbal remedy, vitamin water or some other liquid ingredient, our skilled specialists can help talk you through the label options. Read More »

Not All Label Manufacturers Make the Grade

POSTED 09/22/2017
Customized Wine Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been in the business of providing quality labeling options for more than 100 years. Not only is our company fiercely loyal and responsive to our customers, we and have the label production expertise, variety of options, and customer service you need to represent your product from concept to delivery. Read More »

The Important First Step in Label Design

POSTED 09/14/2017
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG
When it’s time to create a label for your new product, it would seem reasonable to contact a graphic designer and urge them to get started drafting some designs for review. While there isn’t a wrong way to tackle label design, there is a better way, especially if budget is a consideration. In fact, before diving right into the creative design process, there’s an important step you should consider taking even before you share your vision and creative ideas you’re your label designer. Read More »

3 Things That Set EHG Apart From Other Label Manufacturers

POSTED 09/08/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
As we partner with new customers and continue our commitment to provide remarkable service to our long-standing ones, it’s important to reflect on what sets Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG) apart from others. Why should a customer consider our Omaha-based company for their labeling needs over all the other options out there? With our 100 years of success as an Omaha label manufacturer, we believe there are a lot of reasons. Here are a three that make us very proud to be Epsen Hillmer Graphics. Read More »