Are You Looking For A Label Manufacturer For Your Skin Care Product?

POSTED 08/31/2017
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels
Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG) knows a thing or two about labeling skin care products. In fact, we’ve printed labels for just about every kind of health and beauty product you can imagine from lip balms to cosmetics, to bath and body lotions and more. Skin care products do come with a variety of labeling challenges that are as unique as the products themselves. Read More »

Enhanced Water Deserves an Enhanced Label

POSTED 08/25/2017
Enhanced Water Deserves an Enhanced Label - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG) has been a leader in the beverage label industry for more than 100 years, applying custom labels to just about every bottled and beverage item you could imagine. Whether it’s plastic or glass bottles, big brand-name or private label, EHG brings a century’s worth of experience to create high-impact labels for your beverage products. Read More »

Crafting the Best Craft Brew Label

POSTED 08/17/2017
EHG - Cut Stack Labels for Beer and Other Products
There are consumers of beer and then there are consumers of craft beer. While the two entities sometimes converge, true craft brew connoisseurs would tell you it's just as much about what’s on the outside of the bottle as what’s inside. Read More »

Candle Labels Designed to Take the Heat

POSTED 08/11/2017
EHG - Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials
Candle manufacturers know all too well the important labeling requirements that go along with bringing these products to store shelves. The fact that candles themselves are made of heat-sensitive, waxy materials brings labeling challenges, but there are other important considerations such as warning label requirements, instructions for use, and shipping durability concerns. Read More »