Why Crafters Shouldn’t Make Their Own Labels

POSTED 06/29/2017
EHG - Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials
Whether you are labeling craft beer you’ve made in your garage, labeling household cleaning products you’ve made from your stove top or labeling custom-made beauty products, you’ve likely taken a look at the possibility of making your own labels. A quick search online lends plenty of opportunities from print-your own label templates to pre-cut materials you can write on with a pen or marker. Read More »

You Don’t Have to Have a Graphic Designer on Staff to Create a Custom Label

POSTED 06/22/2017
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG
Not all companies have the luxury of a graphic design department within their company. If you're one of the lucky ones who has a marketing/graphics team, chances are when it comes time to design a label for a new product, you're put in line behind all of the others who have requests in leaving you waiting longer than you wish. Read More »

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Custom Label Type

POSTED 06/15/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
There are literally hundreds of kinds of custom labels and deciding what kind is best for your particular application can leave you scratching your head. Although these are decisions that are best made along with your professional label provider, there are at least five things that need answered every time, no matter what you might be labeling. Read More »

Let Us Help Your Product Stand Apart From the Crowd of Labels

POSTED 06/08/2017
Customized Wine Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
In our years of helping customers produce custom labels, we’ve come to identify some best practices that can and do make a difference if your goal is to use label technology and design options to your advantage. Of course, we’ve seen some really questionable labeling strategies along the way, too; but we’ll safe those for another day, and another blog! Making sure your labels are readable and relevant is critical for any product. Read More »