Simple Custom Labeling Tips to Help Your Product Sell Quickly

POSTED 05/31/2017
EHG Cost Effective Customized Product Labels
Labels serve many purposes, from simply identifying and differentiating one product from another on the shelf, to detailing important safety and regulated information, to promoting a brand or corporate message. Read More »

Seasonal Product Labels Catch Buyers’ Attention, Influence Sales

POSTED 05/25/2017
It’s true that we are a long way from the typical holidays often associated with the word “seasonal”, but savvy marketers know that consumer-buying habits increase around just about every holiday, not just the ones we might consider “big.” The great news is that there's still plenty of time ahead for seasonal product marketers to use as an advantage when labeling and promoting their goods. Read More »

Labels That Take a Beating and Keep on Performing

POSTED 05/19/2017
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
There isn’t anything that turns a potential buyer away faster than picking up a product from the shelf and seeing a worn and shoddy label. You know you’ve done it when shopping. You pick up a product and see a faded, torn, or barely hanging on label. The first thing you do is immediately put that product back on the shelf, reach way behind for a better-looking specimen, or choose another product altogether. Read More »

New Logo? Time to Redesign Your Product Label

POSTED 05/11/2017
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels
Making the decision to refresh a product logo brings with it a long list of follow-up “to-do’s” from updating corporate brochures and stationery, to altering marketing collateral. An important thing to add to the long list of updates is to bring that new logo to your product label design sooner, rather than later. Read More »