Labels Have a Rich History, Bring Today’s Products to Life

POSTED 04/29/2017
EHG - Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels
Can you imagine cruising the aisles of your favorite supermarket and seeing products arranged neatly, one after the other, but with no labels to differentiate what’s inside? It would certainly make shopping trips longer and more frustrating for consumers. It would also make it difficult for products themselves to share the important details that set them apart from others. Read More »

Pressure Sensitive Labels Offer Versatility, Durability, Value

POSTED 04/21/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Any reputable label supplier knows the value of Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). Not only do they work for a wide variety of uses and applications, they are also economical and easy to apply. Pressure Sensitive Labels are often called “self-adhesive” and consist of a face stock material (paper or film), an adhesive backing, and a release liner. With the release backing removed, labels can be applied permanently to a multitude of surfaces. Read More »

Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials

POSTED 04/14/2017
EHG - Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials
You might think it is a pretty simple task to create a custom label for a candle; but then, of course, you would be mistaken! There are actually quite a number of considerations when designing and selecting a suitable label material for candles and, ability to take the heat isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Read More »

Is it Time to Refresh Your Product with a New Custom Label?

POSTED 04/06/2017
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Your Label Partner
How long have you used the same label design for those products, and what does that say about your brand? If it has been a while since you have taken a good hard look at the labels that adorn your products, it may be time to consider refreshing the message and giving customers a reason to take a second look. Read More »