Today’s Diverse Food Industry Requires the Right Label

POSTED 02/28/2017
Grocery Labels - EHG (Female Shopping)
Think of the hundreds of thousands of food labels on grocery shelves today. Making your product stand out from all the rest with creative, appropriate labeling can mean the difference between customers noticing and selecting your product, or not. It goes without saying that there is a lot to consider when choosing the right food labeling options to capture consumer attention. Read More »

Celebrate Special Corporate Occasions with Custom Label Water Bottles

POSTED 02/22/2017
There are literally hundreds of specialty items your company could choose to promote a special business occasion, but few are as affordable and practical as a simple bottle of water. Whether you are preparing for a corporate milestone anniversary and would like to add that special touch, or are just looking for a subtle way to promote your business to visitors, offering water bottles with a custom label can be very impactful. Read More »

In-Mold Labeling Saves Time, Adds Durability, Cuts Production Costs

POSTED 02/16/2017
In-Mold Labeling Saves Time - Beverage and Juice Labels
Understanding the benefits of In-Mold (Blow Mold) labeling requires taking a moment to explain just how this process differs from other labeling options. While it is particularly applicable to products that must be packaged in larger containers and those that require durable labeling for a longer shelf life, there are many products for which this method is the best choice. Read More »

Do Pressure Sensitive Labels Work on Household Products?

POSTED 02/09/2017
Household Cleaners - Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels
Consumers spend more than fifty-five billion dollars a year on household products. While the market for these items is huge, competition for shelf space and market space remains fierce. In fact, increased consumer scrutiny about common ingredients in many products has made it more important than ever for household product companies to have a truly compelling pitch. Read More »