Craft Beer Labels – Choosing the Right Option for 2017 and Beyond

POSTED 01/19/2017
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
There are now over five thousand craft breweries across the United States. In just the last year alone, the number of active craft breweries increased by nearly twenty percent. This is just another data point that shows what a boom this market has experienced in recent years. A big part of why this market has been able to post such impressive numbers year after year is growing consumer awareness. Read More »

Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labels for Skin Care Products

POSTED 01/12/2017
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels
Demand for skin care products in the United States is expected to grow from $121 billion in 2016 to $127 billion this year. That growth is projected to continue over the next few years, with the market hitting $154 billion by 2021. This ongoing growth presents a significant opportunity for companies that can stand out among the existing competition. Read More »

Make Pet Care Products Shine with Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 01/04/2017
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG
At the 2016 Global Pet Expo, the American Pet Products Association announced that overall pet industry spending had set a record by crossing the sixty billion dollar mark. Of that spending, over fourteen billion dollars was on pet supplies and OTC medication. It's no secret that modern dog and cat owners want to give their pets the highest quality of life. Read More »