6 Reasons to Make Epsen Hillmer Graphics Your Label Partner

POSTED 11/30/2016
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Your Label Partner
With over one hundred years of experience, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is proud to say that we’re much more than just a label supplier. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting a trusted business partner that will provide your products with exactly what they need to succeed. Whether you’re in need of pressure sensitive labels, cut & stack labels or another solution, you can count on our team for great labels and amazing service. Read More »

What Label Works Best for Products in Squeeze Bottles?

POSTED 11/22/2016
Squeezable Bottle or Tub Pressure Sensitive Labels
Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the ability to design and print a wide range of labels. The reason we offer numerous options is the best type of label for a product depends on a handful of factors. Two of the factors are the size and shape of the container that the product comes in. Read More »

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Works with Co-Packers

POSTED 11/17/2016
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Whether you’re a business that’s looking for a co-packer or you’re a co-packer that’s looking for a new partner to supply your labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you out. As a family-owned business that’s been operating in Omaha for more than a century, we take every relationship we have with other businesses very seriously. Read More »

5 Label Solutions for Household Products

POSTED 11/09/2016
epsen hillmer graphics shopping for household products with labels
Not only are household products a competitive space, but the bottles or other containers these products come in have to stand up to conditions that are often quite challenging. A big part of the packaging for this type of product is the label that goes on it. Read More »