Glass Jar Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 10/27/2016
EHG - Glass Jar Pressure Sensitive Labels
If your product comes in a glass jar and you know you need custom labels for it, you may be wondering which type of label is going to work best. Although there are a few options to consider, the one Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommends most often is pressure sensitive labels. Read More »

Top Applications and Benefits of Cut & Stack Labels

POSTED 10/20/2016
EHG - Cut Stack Labels for Beer and Other Products
Cut & stack labels are a style of labels which are printed on large rolls or sheets. After these rolls or sheets are taken off a printing press, they’re stacked and cut into their desired shape. Any number of shapes can be utilized through the use of pre-made die cuts. Once cut, the labels are stacked again. Read More »

5 Reasons to Choose In-Mold (Blow Mold) Labels

POSTED 10/13/2016
In-mold (blow mold) labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
If you’re comparing label options for one or more products, in-mold (blow mold) labels are a choice that should definitely be on your list. These labels offer a lot of advantages for many types of products, which we’re going to cover in detail. Read More »

Using Pressure Sensitive Labels in 2016 and Beyond

POSTED 10/06/2016
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most popular labeling solutions for a wide range of products. In multiple categories, pressure sensitive labels are used on more than eighty percent of the products on store shelves. There are a number of reasons like versatility that explain why pressure sensitive labels are such a popular choice. We’re going to cover all of those reasons, along with the rest of the information you need to help decide if pressure sensitive labels are the right choice for your products. Read More »