Liquor Bottle Makeovers with Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 08/31/2016
EHG - Pressure Sensitive Labels Spirits
It’s quite common for spirits makers to reach a point where they’re ready to give one or more of their products a makeover. If your company is in this position with one of the liquors it sells, a good starting point is your bottle labels. Regardless of whether or not you change the actual bottles that your liquor comes in, you can give your product a completely new look by redesigning your label. Read More »

Wine Bottle Label Design for Millennials – What Works?

POSTED 08/23/2016
Omaha Wine Labels for Wine Bottles - EHG
Millennials are a key demographic that businesses across most industries want to reach. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on appealing to this group of consumers, successfully doing so continues to be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. For winemakers, millennials are an especially important group. A report published at the beginning of this year found that in 2015, millennials drank 42% of all wine that was sold in the United States! Read More »

Product Labels That Can Help Beauty Manufacturers

POSTED 08/12/2016
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products
Any product designed for someone’s skin or body care has to inspire enough trust that they’re willing to take it out of the bottle and put it on their body. One of the ways manufacturers can build that trust is with the packaging they use. If you’re a beauty manufacturer and want to establish this kind of trust with potential customers, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about using the right kind of product labels. Read More »

3 Great Label Options for Food Products

POSTED 08/02/2016
EHG - Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels
Over the last year, there have been a variety of shakeups across the food products industry that have made it more competitive than ever. For anyone outside the industry, this may sound like bad news for most businesses. However, as makers of food products understand, this heightened level of competition also means there’s a lot of opportunity available. Read More »