How Important Are Craft Beer Bottle Labels?

POSTED 06/30/2016
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
Craft beer bottle labels are essential for any brewer that wants to get their product the attention it deserves. To understand exactly why labels matter so much, it’s important to start with the current state of the craft beer market. 2015 marked the eighth year in a row that the craft beer industry has posted double-digit growth. By comparison, the total US beer market dropped by 0.2% in volume in 2015. Read More »

Choosing the Right Labels for Wine Bottles

POSTED 06/22/2016
Customized Omaha Wine Labels by EHG
Labels for wine bottles are a very important part of marketing and selling this product. Not only is the label what can grab someone’s attention when they see a wine for the first time, but the branding and information on it can play a significant role in their purchasing decision. Since labels are responsible for so much, we want to cover how they can help tell a brand’s story, along with the type of label that works best on a wine bottle. Read More »

Using Pressure Sensitive Labels on Alcohol Bottles

POSTED 06/17/2016
Customized Wine Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
Pressure sensitive labels provide a way to make products stand out. And as any company in the spirits industry knows, standing out is essential to finding success. Regardless of the specific spirits product, whenever someone walks down the relevant aisle of a store, they’re met with a variety of options. Since most of the options may come in similar bottle sizes, it’s vital for a product to not blend in with the rest. Read More »

Can Synthetic Label Materials Be Used in Combination Runs?

POSTED 06/08/2016
EHG Cost Effective Customized Product Labels
Combination runs are a service that Epsen Hillmer Graphics is very proud to offer to its customers. This method of printing, which is also known as ganging, is a way to save money and reduce lead times. The way a combination run works is your order is taken and then grouped with requests that have similar characteristics. This allows us to print multiple orders at the same time while still maintaining the highest quality. Read More »