Choosing a Spirits Bottle Label in 2016

POSTED 03/30/2016
EHG - Pressure Sensitive Labels Spirits
The spirits bottle label a company designs for one of its products can have a significant impact on how well that product sells. Although taste is very important throughout the spirits industry, appearance also plays a major role in how consumers react to different offerings. Even if a specific spirits brand offers amazing flavor, most people won’t know if the bottle’s label doesn’t give them a compelling reason to pick it up and take the bottle home. Read More »

Rebranding Beauty Products with New Labels

POSTED 03/25/2016
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels
If your company has a beauty product that works great but you’re not fully satisfied with how consumers are responding to it, using new labels to rebrand that product may be exactly what’s needed to kickstart sales. While there are generally quite a few other elements that go into rebranding a product, new labels will play a central role in determining whether or not the rebrand is a success. Read More »

The Best Labels for Dog and Cat Care Products

POSTED 03/17/2016
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG
If your company creates products for dogs or cats, choosing the best labels is important for several reasons. The pet care market is booming, which means there are numerous competitors across every product category. Having the right labels for your bottles is the first step in getting your products to stand out when they’re sitting on store shelves. Then when someone picks up a bottle, you want to be sure that it provides all the information they need to feel confident about purchasing it. Read More »

How Beer Labels Can Help Craft Brewers Stand Out

POSTED 03/09/2016
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
Regardless of how good their product is, craft brewers can’t expect to get the attention they deserve without the right beer labels on their bottles. The reality of the market in 2016 is even though there was a time when craft brewers could get attention simply because this type of product was considered quite unique and novel, that’s no longer the case. Read More »