Embossed Labels for Wine Bottles

POSTED 02/23/2016
Omaha Wine Labels for Wine Bottles - EHG
Whether you’re in the process of launching a new wine or are thinking about rebranding an existing wine, embossed labels can provide a way to make your bottles stand out. As winemakers know, while some people buy wines based on their extensive knowledge in this space, most people buy wines based on a little bit of experience and how the bottle looks. That’s why it’s vital for specific bottles to grab people’s attention. Read More »

Laminating Labels for Skin and Hair Care Products

POSTED 02/19/2016
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products
The subject of laminating labels is important for any company that makes skin or hair products. The reason this topic is so relevant to companies in this space is there’s always a need to make products stand out. Whether a company is quite established in the skin and hair care market or is trying to carve out an area for themselves, there’s always going to be a lot of competition. One of the ways to make a product stand out from competitors on store shelves is through its labeling. Read More »

Useful Label Tips for Pet Shampoos

POSTED 02/11/2016
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG
Pet owners spend a lot of money to ensure their dogs or cats are happy and healthy. That’s why the market for pet shampoos is both very large and very competitive. One of the ways that companies in this space can make their products stand out is with their bottle labels. We’re going to cover the best type of labels for products in this category, as well as how to create the perfect look for them. Read More »

Avoid DIY Pressure Sensitive Labels for Liquor Bottles

POSTED 02/05/2016
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Although pressure sensitive labels can look great on new liquor bottles, these aren’t something you ever want to print at home or through any other DIY method. When a small business or new brand is trying to get a new product launched, they need to get as much as possible out of every dollar they invest. This can lead to a company exploring different options for how they can save. Read More »